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Retail Point of Sale (POS) Software features

Point of sale for your retail store.

Our retail point-of sale system, is the latest advancement in
computerized cash register technology helping businesses
everywhere decrease check-out time, track inventory and
consumer preferences, produce detailed reports, diminish
employee theft and operate a more efficient back office.
The robust features and comprehensive reports provide the
tools you need to make smarter business decisions.

Target Industries
• Convenience stores • Grocery & Supermarket • Gift shops & museum shops • Car washes
• Apparel \ clothing • Cellular & Electronics • Restaurants & Delis • Florists
• Video game & music stores • Liquor stores • Tobacco stores • Chains or independents • Wholesale stores
• Video & equipment rental • Book stores • Dollar & Discount stores • Any store requiring a Point of sale system

Ringing up sales. Fast. Easy.
The intuitive user interface requires minimal button
touches, enabling cashiers to ring up sales fast and keep
the lines short. Ringing up an item is as simple as
scanning its bar code, or touching its button on a touch
screen if it does not have a bar code. It is designed to
require the least amount of touches necessary to ring up a
customer. Quick tender keys make cash transactions fast,
and closing out a sale to credit, gift or debit card is as
simple as swiping the card-no buttons required.

• Fast, accurate checkout
• Touch screen invoicing
• Easy, train cashiers in as little as 60
• Process credit and debit cards over the
internet in as little as 2-3 seconds
• Scan items quickly with bar code scanners • Time clock with breaks • Layaways
• Place a transaction on hold while it’s in
progress, recall at any future time
• Salesperson commissions tracking
• Electronic check conversion (ECC) deposits
checks from the register
• Accounts Receivable
• Electronic signature capture with a
signature pad, no need to file and retain
signed credit card receipts
• Item lookup by description • Works with portable POS • Handles multiple cash drawers
• Discounts, coupons with detailed reporting
• ID scanning, verification for liquor\tobacco
• QuickBooks Accounting interface
• Customer tracking and loyalty promotions
• Unlimited transactions, inventory items
and customers
• Multi-user/multi-site ready • Equipment and video rentals • EBT and food stamps
• Gift cards and store credits with no
transaction fees
• Handles multiple clerks
• Multiple tax rates and tax exempt status
• Automatically calculates sale pricing
• Mix & Match pricing, bulk pricing
• Weight scale NTEP certified • SQL Server database

Track inventory, reduce theft.

Retailers need to know when to reorder stock, and how long items are sitting on the shelf. Our point of sale software is equipped with a robust inventory tracking system, enabling you to monitor the stock levels and activity of items in your store. Stock can be counted or received away from the register using Pocket Inventory.

• Purchase orders • Low stock alerts
• Actual versus Theoretical Inventory Counts • Add items “on-the-fly,” even during a sale
• Discrepancy reports • Size/color apparel matrix
• Track serial numbers • Group pricing, mix & match
• Detailed inventory reports • Track by case or individual
• Late, rented videos, videos in store • Fast Lookups by Barcode, description
• Track item costs and profit margins • Detailed sales history of each product

Customer Loyalty

Good service and quality products are key components of generating new and repeat business, however, those two elements alone will not ensure success. Solid marketing and a loyalty rewards program are proven methods of attracting new and existing customers into your store. Our POS system puts several tools in your hands to help you accomplish this including automated tracking of loyalty plans and tools to market directly to your customers.

• Built-in customer tracking • Fast customer lookup with membership cards
• Record itemized purchase details of each
• Flexible customer loyalty plans to generate
repeat business
• Automatically tracks and gives rewards • Accounts Receivable
• Birthday bonuses • Frequent visitor discounts
• Ability to send informational newsletters,
coupons, sales and new product announcements
• Ability to send mass e-mails and paper mailers
• Customer loyalty cards
Control your employees and secure your business.
It’s crucial to monitor the cash and inventory inside of your retail store. Employee theft is one of the leading causes of shrinkage, caused by a
combination of theft of cash and inventory, as well as unwarranted discounts. Our POS software helps curb this by limiting functionality within the system based on an employee’s unique login, as well as having strict cash control features to identify cash
discrepancies down to the shift or the cashier.

• Employee security with unique IDs, password
• Cash control features to force cash drops
throughout the day
• Secure login cards • Time clock with breaks
• Job codes and security roles • Hours & Wages reports
• Labor scheduler • Management reports
• Salesperson tracking • Commissions reports
• Exception tracking to spot suspicious activity • Increased accountability

Chains of Stores

Access to information anytime, anywhere is crucial to managing a business. The web portal enables you to monitor and control all of your stores from any computer in the world with internet access.
Your personalized, secure web portal page allows you to run reports, modify your inventory and perform other useful functions for one or many locations.

Reporting and Back Office

Retailers spend countless hours every week crunching numbers, calculating profits, expenses and payroll and a variety of other tasks in
order to run their business. The POS software contains dozens of built-in tools to help retail store owners streamline administrative tasks and manage their store more efficiently. Various configurable reports summarize sales and tax totals, employee performance and wages, and key indicators such as low stock alerts, cash discrepancies, and best
and worst sellers. It helps automate your daily tasks and give you time to more effectively operate your business and drive up sales.

• Detailed reports with flexible criteria such as date
range, employee and register # selection
• Track inventory and generate purchase orders
• Manage pricing from different vendors
• Extensive sales reports summarize costs of goods
sold, sales levels and profits within seconds
• Global price changes
• Configure departments for inventory items
• Item mix reports show you which products are selling and which items to replace
• Manage employee time clock information
• Employee labor scheduler
• Discrepancy reports identify cash and inventory theft • Vendor payouts
• Employee activity reports summarize performance and time clock information
• Accounts receivable payments, statements
• Integrates with QuickBooks accounting
• Create your own reports using built-in report writer • Access back office functions from any terminal

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Retail Point of Sale System
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